DayWave introduces unique breakthrough design for LED office lighting

Eindhoven, Netherlands - Philips today announced the commercial release of its breakthrough design luminaire DayWave - the world's first LED-enabled dynamic lighting fixture for general office lighting.

In contrast to standard office luminaires DayWave has a graceful, curving design language all of its own. It comes in two versions: one that arches up in the middle and another that arches down. When hung next to each other - a likely scenario in large open indoor spaces - they create striking undulating wave forms.

"DayWave reflects lighting's shift from performing a purely functional role to satisfying more aesthetic and emotional needs," says Ramon Janssen, Designer for Lighting at Philips Design. "Its organic form softens the definition of the space and promotes an atmosphere of relaxed creativity in the workplace."

Inspiring lighting ambience

DayWave's flexible design has been highly valued by architects and office designers during the concept's development process. Many expressed their appreciation of both the physical design of the DayWave luminaires, but also of the system's ability to create inspiring atmospheres that emulate the properties of daylight. The global professional services consultancy Arup has chosen DayWave for its Amsterdam office for this very reason: "I like to create a contrast which is pleasant to the eye, without strain, and without fatigue," says Rogier van der Heide, head of Arup's global lighting division.

DayWave has been designed to create a more natural, inspiring ambience that is pleasant to work in. The light it produces is dynamic, changing in colour temperature and intensity throughout the course of the day - to energize, relax and inspire office users. These subtle variations of light level and tone create an effect more in tune with people's natural rhythms, enhancing their feeling of well-being. An intuitive control enables office staff to adjust the light output and tone to their personal taste.

LED office lighting

Incorporating cool and warm-white LEDs and an innovative optical system, Philips DayWave meets the requirements for visual comfort in office lighting - the first LEDenabled office luminaire to do so.

In office lighting there is a clear shift from functional lighting towards intelligent, dynamic lighting. Philips continues to drive this trend with innovations based on sustainable, energy-efficient technologies such as LEDs. Using LEDs for office lighting brings the challenge of transforming the high brightness of the LED point source into a glare-free surface of light - a challenge that DayWave successfully meets.

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